Another new first decent in Huasteca Area (Jorge Marquez)

Another first decent has done yesterday,  (8/September/2009) by Jorge Marquez , and  Benito Garcia in the Huaxteca area in San Luis Potosi.
South of Tamazunchale. "The Atlamaxatl" is a verry beautifull creek narow and step, cristal ,clear water, very !cool! never been run before
the put in was at Atlamaxatl and the take out 1.5 km  pasing  Apanco (at the entrance of Matlapa town) the paddle distance estimate is around 5/6KM
the run  its quite tecnical (with good level of water Class IV) the lines tunrs a lot betwen boulder gardens, few little eddies,  Narow chanels,among the run there is some  tributaries  little creeks that feed the Atlamaxatl both sides.
all of them last 2or3 days the most after a good rain, we think it is posible to keep runing the upper part, of the Atlamaxatl creek, but carefull, scouting is nesecary because  it became more steper and narowed. Verry important to catch the Atlamaxatl Creek at the right moment, because with a lot of water can be extemly dangerous, and bad, bad concecuences if swiming. By the other hand if it,s runed with low water will be a drag nighmare. for sure