First Decent (Solo) of the Middle Tancuilin (Jorge Marquez)

Last Sunday  a new first decent has been made by Jorge Marquez  (Solo style) at the middle part of  Rio Tancuilin  in the Huasteca  area
The put in  was at Zapotal de Moras (Hidalgo state) and the  take out at Xaltipa Coaquentla (San Luis Potosi  State)
the run was about 9 km and goes through  an incredibly cristal clear water. rapids are more steep  in comparation of the lower part 
(Xaltipa/Tancuilin) and more dificult as well  solid class III my be 2or3 class IV (depending  on the line, needs some other runs to confirm the dificulty)
At the level the run was done it takes one and a half hours to complete.  (Very fast curent) Once you past  a tributary  Creek (Arroyo seco, near Las Moras) river right, more and less 40 minutes  after the put in , no scape is posible  because, there is no towns, villages, or nothing  until  Poxtla (near the take out).
All  Boaters need to be extremly carefull because that area is the natural  envoirement of the "Fer de Lance" snake (Bothrops Asper) wich is a incredibly poison snake
Is highly recomended to bring few bolttles of anti venom, to aviod a letal situation.  Even do the long drive 5/6hrs to drive to reach  put in/take out  the spectacular beauty of the middle part of  RioTanculin is worth


The Middle Tancuílin starts where the river forms the border between the states of San Luis Potosí and Hidalgo.  On the map this is where the two states are labeled on either side of the river.