First Descents (Rocky Contos)

In the summer of 2006, I and some others did several first descents in the Copper Canyon region.  These were:

Rio Huevachic-Oteros-Chinipas (one trip: 8 days, ~220 km; tons of class V-VI on Huevachic with many mandatory portages, mostly IV on Oteros, III-IV on Chinipas)

Rio Choix (4 days: ~80 km; class IV-V; one mandatory portage)

Rio Tutuaca (4 days: ~200 km; class III-IV; one gorge with some class V)

Rio Papigochic, upper (3 days: ~80 km; class III; runout on Rio Sirupa to Puente Sirupa)

Rio Septentrion (2 days; 6 km class V with a few portages; high water; flash flood mandated aborting trip)