more new first runs in the haxteca area (Jorge Marquez)

In September 2008 due to the intense raining season (micos, tampaon, and santa maria river were so high, and imposible to run) the Mexican Kayakers who usually paddled in Husteca area in San Luis Potosi Mexico were forced to search new rivers to run.

Team  KAMECA  members Jaistemay  Marquez and  Jorge Marquez acomplish the first run of "El RioClaro" 
they put in at Xuchipantla a little rural town in Hidalgo state ( around 2 hrs far by Tamazunchale) and finished the run by the confluense of the rio Claro and the rio Amajac. 
The run took approximately 4 hrs and is verry scenery, the hole run is about 12 to 15 km. the harder rapids are maybe class III , most of the rest are fun class II. the quality of the water is good

Paddelers need to be carefull because  locals indigenous people put in the river current some verry peculiar fishing devices used before even the Spaniers arrive to mexico, little bit more than five hundred years ago.
They consist in an big "embudo" shape thead using flexible branches, thoes can be dangerous because they can easely work as a tramp,and some time they are not totally visible.
so be carefful down there, and enjoy the run

Jorge  Marquez


 Thanks for this report. I was looking at the RIo Claro.  There does appear to be an upper section with a much high gradient that is on my radar to do this fall (not sure I'll get to that one).