New First Decent of Rio Tehuetlan (Jorge Marquez)

Last Sunday a team conformed by Rocky Contos, Aron Koch, Margie Young, Alejandro Manzo, and Jorge Marquez
Atempt to run the upper section of rio Claro  in Hidalgo State (Team Kameca Jaistemay and Jorge Marquez acomplished the first run of the lower part section  a year ago Xuchipantla/Las Adjuntas) but a big earth slide washed away the road,   (BullDozer half seize boulders blocked the road) so the mision was droped.
in stead in the way back we find a very beautifull river midlle size, kind of creekie Rio "Tehuetalan" near  Huehutla de Reyes.
The team put up slightly up by the concret bridge and inmidiatly fun, bumpy and long rapids start rhight away. The hole run was about 10/12Km (take out by la Candelaria  bridge) verry fun and  continus wave trains , cool rapids as well, good quality water as well, in general the landscape around is just ... !Awsome!
The dificulty of the run  is Class III some threes and branches  need to be avoided, along the run but they are obvius, there is a little dam wall that 3 of us we walk
Only Rocky and Aron decided to run. we think above from where we put in ther is still to much fun with more steep and larger rapids,and maybe more dificulty.
Further exploration needs to be done, we are sure more surprises will be come, around that beautifull area.