New run. First Decent of Rio Claro Middle Section (Jorge Marquez)

During  the  past Tuesday 20 and  the Wensday 21 October another  new run has been acomplished this time by Jorge Marquez in  "Solo" style  he complete the Middle section of Rio Claro (Team Kameca Jaistemay and Jorge Marquez, acomplished  one year ago the  the first decent of the lower part (Xuchipantla/Las Adjuntas)
Last week  Saturday a bigger gruop of Kayakers (Rocky Contos, Aron Koch, Margie Young, Alejando Manzo , and Jorge Marquez) have the intention to do the run but a big earht slide blocked the road ant the hole team need to get back  with out even arrive to the  river put in. 

Fortunaly  we have a heavy rain during the week end, so the level of the Rio Claro was perfect, fast and moving water (but not huge as it was at the week end. Jorge Marquez went back there by his own and make the run  in"Solo" 
that section (middle) is just beautifull, river is wide, ladscapes are awsome, the quality of the water is great.
Along the run verry fun rapids, some are quite long. little bit more dificult in comparation to the lower part(Class II/III)
The hole run is around 36 km (put in by Tamala Hidalgo/take out By Xuchipantla Hidalgo)  that day decided to not run  the lower part section Xaltipa/Las Juntas (were the rio claro joints the rio Amajac) because we did the first decent a year ago.

Near Xuchipantla  a tributary river meets El Claro  by right side  and seeams pretty cool  acording to the locals up stream this river is steep and its posible to find a trail that brigs you up stream, near Temango.  Any way the upper part of the rio Claro is still unruned ,and is waiting to be run, acording to the research on the maps that Rocky Contos already did, that section is quit dificult and very steep as well, Class V for sure.