New Photos/Slideshows (Rocky Contos)

Hi everyone,

 I have put up some additional photos and info of several of the rivers paddled in 2008.  You can see many of the newer slideshows at:

 or you can see a list of all slideshows at:

These include:
Rio Valles (Micos and Saltos)
Rio Guayalejo
Rio Santa Maria (all five canyons)
Rio Verde (all three canyons)

Jaistemay Marquez (17year old kid) ran the bigest waterfall 75/80 feet in Micos (Jorge Marquez)

Sunday 25 January 2009 Jaistemay Marquez a 17 year old kidd
complete a great  achivement  when he ran sucsesfully  "El Toro"  the bigest waterfall down in Micos SLP Mexico 
This waterfall  is about  25 meters high ( around 75/85 feet) 
the  line that Jaistemay  run was the far left one, over the reactive wave, the same  beautifull line that Pat  Keller and Laurence Simpson 
fired up a year ago by the very first time.
Any way Jaistemay  is the first Mexican how run this waterfall  ever, and at the same time the yungest American as well. 

Minas Viejas (Tom Robey)

Minas Viejas is a popular waterfall for tourists southwest of Naranjo on the back road from the El Salto run and Cascadas Micos.  There is also a difficult kayak run located above and below the falls.  The canyon above the waterfall was recently discovered by Rocky Contos.  Below the waterfall are two canyons that are more difficult; the last canyon is after the run appears to open up and before the bridge.  The canyon above the waterfall is easier while the ones below are probably class V.

- Tom Robey