New Photos/Slideshows (Rocky Contos)

Hi everyone,

 I have put up some additional photos and info of several of the rivers paddled in 2008.  You can see many of the newer slideshows at:

 or you can see a list of all slideshows at:

These include:
Rio Valles (Micos and Saltos)
Rio Guayalejo
Rio Santa Maria (all five canyons)
Rio Verde (all three canyons)

Río Xico/Teocelo description (Tom Robey)

The Río Xico/Teocelo runs through the towns of Xico and Teocelo.  At Xico there is a park with several waterfalls.  This is said to be a class V run and involves climbing to the bottom of a waterfall to put-in and then portaging another waterfall during the run.  The Río Xico/Teocelo joins the Río Sordo which joins La Antigua just before the end of the Barranca Grande section.

- Tom Robey