New run. First Decent of Rio Claro Middle Section (Jorge Marquez)

During  the  past Tuesday 20 and  the Wensday 21 October another  new run has been acomplished this time by Jorge Marquez in  "Solo" style  he complete the Middle section of Rio Claro (Team Kameca Jaistemay and Jorge Marquez, acomplished  one year ago the  the first decent of the lower part (Xuchipantla/Las Adjuntas)

New First Decent of Rio Tehuetlan (Jorge Marquez)

Last Sunday a team conformed by Rocky Contos, Aron Koch, Margie Young, Alejandro Manzo, and Jorge Marquez
Atempt to run the upper section of rio Claro  in Hidalgo State (Team Kameca Jaistemay and Jorge Marquez acomplished the first run of the lower part section  a year ago Xuchipantla/Las Adjuntas) but a big earth slide washed away the road,   (BullDozer half seize boulders blocked the road) so the mision was droped.
in stead in the way back we find a very beautifull river midlle size, kind of creekie Rio "Tehuetalan" near  Huehutla de Reyes.

more new first runs in the haxteca area (Jorge Marquez)

In September 2008 due to the intense raining season (micos, tampaon, and santa maria river were so high, and imposible to run) the Mexican Kayakers who usually paddled in Husteca area in San Luis Potosi Mexico were forced to search new rivers to run.

Team  KAMECA  members Jaistemay  Marquez and  Jorge Marquez acomplish the first run of "El RioClaro" 
they put in at Xuchipantla a little rural town in Hidalgo state ( around 2 hrs far by Tamazunchale) and finished the run by the confluense of the rio Claro and the rio Amajac.