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Rio Chinipas (Tom Robey)

American Whitewater has an article about the Río Chínipas in its January/February 2010 edition written by Rocky Contos.  It is located to the northwest of Divisadero.  It is a class IV run that is 102 miles in length with access in the middle of the run at the town of the eponymous name.

New run. First Decent of Rio Claro Middle Section (Jorge Marquez)

During  the  past Tuesday 20 and  the Wensday 21 October another  new run has been acomplished this time by Jorge Marquez in  "Solo" style  he complete the Middle section of Rio Claro (Team Kameca Jaistemay and Jorge Marquez, acomplished  one year ago the  the first decent of the lower part (Xuchipantla/Las Adjuntas)

New First Decent of Rio Tehuetlan (Jorge Marquez)

Last Sunday a team conformed by Rocky Contos, Aron Koch, Margie Young, Alejandro Manzo, and Jorge Marquez
Atempt to run the upper section of rio Claro  in Hidalgo State (Team Kameca Jaistemay and Jorge Marquez acomplished the first run of the lower part section  a year ago Xuchipantla/Las Adjuntas) but a big earth slide washed away the road,   (BullDozer half seize boulders blocked the road) so the mision was droped.
in stead in the way back we find a very beautifull river midlle size, kind of creekie Rio "Tehuetalan" near  Huehutla de Reyes.

New Runs (Rocky Contos)

In the last 9 days several rivers have been explored in the states of Puebla/Hidalgo:

Rio Ajajalpan (starting at Tepatlan 400 m; 80 km; class III-IV to start, then getting easier); 80 km
Rio San Marcos-Cazones (starting at Pahuatlan 800 m; 82 km; class IV to start, then progressively easier; one section with some V)
Rio Necaxa (starting at second power plant 500 m; 10 km; great fun) 
Rio Apulco (upper part; 1700 m ~7 km; class II; amazing gorges like Rio Mezquital)

First Decent (Solo) of the Middle Tancuilin (Jorge Marquez)

Last Sunday  a new first decent has been made by Jorge Marquez  (Solo style) at the middle part of  Rio Tancuilin  in the Huasteca  area
The put in  was at Zapotal de Moras (Hidalgo state) and the  take out at Xaltipa Coaquentla (San Luis Potosi  State)
the run was about 9 km and goes through  an incredibly cristal clear water. rapids are more steep  in comparation of the lower part 
(Xaltipa/Tancuilin) and more dificult as well  solid class III my be 2or3 class IV (depending  on the line, needs some other runs to confirm the dificulty)

Another new first decent in Huasteca Area (Jorge Marquez)

Another first decent has done yesterday,  (8/September/2009) by Jorge Marquez , and  Benito Garcia in the Huaxteca area in San Luis Potosi.
South of Tamazunchale. "The Atlamaxatl" is a verry beautifull creek narow and step, cristal ,clear water, very !cool! never been run before
the put in was at Atlamaxatl and the take out 1.5 km  pasing  Apanco (at the entrance of Matlapa town) the paddle distance estimate is around 5/6KM


New Photos/Slideshows (Rocky Contos)

Hi everyone,

 I have put up some additional photos and info of several of the rivers paddled in 2008.  You can see many of the newer slideshows at:

 or you can see a list of all slideshows at:

These include:
Rio Valles (Micos and Saltos)
Rio Guayalejo
Rio Santa Maria (all five canyons)
Rio Verde (all three canyons)

Jaistemay Marquez (17year old kid) ran the bigest waterfall 75/80 feet in Micos (Jorge Marquez)

Sunday 25 January 2009 Jaistemay Marquez a 17 year old kidd
complete a great  achivement  when he ran sucsesfully  "El Toro"  the bigest waterfall down in Micos SLP Mexico 
This waterfall  is about  25 meters high ( around 75/85 feet) 
the  line that Jaistemay  run was the far left one, over the reactive wave, the same  beautifull line that Pat  Keller and Laurence Simpson 
fired up a year ago by the very first time.
Any way Jaistemay  is the first Mexican how run this waterfall  ever, and at the same time the yungest American as well.