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New rivers and new first decents (Jorge Marquez)

By the end of September  2008
Jaistemay Marquez 17 kid year old and Jorge Marquez (Team Kameca) make the first run of rio Tanquilin south of Valles 
Last rain season was  verry unusal, and the clasic runs Micos, Tampaon, El Salto, etc... were not negotiable at all because their high  level
the section that they ran start by Xaltipa and finiched in Tanquilin (this is the most interest section, the lower one sitll have few nice rapids but then you will find  2 hrs or more for plain water untill the junction of the rio Axtla

more new first runs in the haxteca area (Jorge Marquez)

In September 2008 due to the intense raining season (micos, tampaon, and santa maria river were so high, and imposible to run) the Mexican Kayakers who usually paddled in Husteca area in San Luis Potosi Mexico were forced to search new rivers to run.

Team  KAMECA  members Jaistemay  Marquez and  Jorge Marquez acomplish the first run of "El RioClaro" 
they put in at Xuchipantla a little rural town in Hidalgo state ( around 2 hrs far by Tamazunchale) and finished the run by the confluense of the rio Claro and the rio Amajac. 

Rio Tepango (louie)

OK we are runnin late to get the Rio Oro and it is raining and we need to piss. PLG (pincholocogringo) say there is a river so we stop past the bridge and there is a water fall below it, a good 15 foot drop. Mexican guy is standin on the bridge and I go up to talk to him. I ask if this river has any more drops on it and he says yes. I ask him if there are more bridge upstream again he says yes, I ask him about bridges downstreams again he says yes. My primo is runnin shuttle for us so we ask the guy if he want to show us. He takes up to about five different water fall on this river.

Río Tolantongo (Tom Robey)

Aaron ran the Río Tolantongo which flows into the upper Amajac.  He reports that the first part is fairly steep and then it becomes swift water to the Río Amajac.  His reaction is the 200 ft/mi I measured is more than the actual gradient.  The water is warm from a hot spring and the plastic kayaks soften and stick on the travertine.  There is a new resort built near the caves and hot springs.

- Tom Robey

Minas Viejas (Tom Robey)

Minas Viejas is a popular waterfall for tourists southwest of Naranjo on the back road from the El Salto run and Cascadas Micos.  There is also a difficult kayak run located above and below the falls.  The canyon above the waterfall was recently discovered by Rocky Contos.  Below the waterfall are two canyons that are more difficult; the last canyon is after the run appears to open up and before the bridge.  The canyon above the waterfall is easier while the ones below are probably class V.

- Tom Robey

Rio San Nicholas (jfcaver)

Since the water was up in most places this fall we dedided to do a higher altitude run on the Rio San Nicolas.  We have been looking at this run for over a year now and just this past year the lower canyon was run.  One report actually quoted as running the upper canyon was mistaken and put in below the Cascades de Aguacate, which is in the lower canyon.  We put in at San Nicolas de los Montes north of Tamasopo about 20 kilometers.  The put in was, according to the map a side trib to the San Nicolas, but as we found out later was the main flow.  The first three kilometers were easy class I

Jalcomulco roads (Tom Robey)

The Veracruz - Xalapa highway has been improved.  From Veracruz, there now is an exit for the zone of balnearios.  This is the exit you want to take.  After entering Carrizal and crossing the railroad, head south.  Soon, there is a right turn onto a new road to Jalcomulco.  Usually, there will be signs for one of the many resorts marking this turn.  The approach from Xalapa has not changed.

- Tom Robey